Edward Fisher

I discovered the Alexander Technique to deal with my slipped disc and sciatica. Pulling my hamstring in a training session at my university rowing club, I spent six months battling with the injury and the follow on effects to keep racing. Now unable to walk, I was taken to expert after expert, with no result. Unknown to me and all but one expert, I had been rowing with a slipped disc undiagnosed. After 10 months on my back I was sceptical, but with 3 months of Alexander Technique I was walking again.

Finishing university I was introduced to Walter Carrington, whose hands were simply amazing. I enrolled on his three year, full time and STAT approved teacher training course; completing over 2200 hours of training. This training course is world renowned and requires dedication in order to achieve the quality required. I qualified in December 2007 and have worked with many people to help them achieve their goals. I have taught at drama schools such as Italia Conti and LAMDA. Although I do work with all kinds of people, I mostly work with those in pain.

I slipped my disc seven times after I had my initial lessons. Each time I put them back in by myself simply using Alexander Technique. The last slip was in 2005 and it has not happened since. From my personal experience, Alexander Technique has powerful and long lasting effects preventing back, spinal and other musculoskeletal related problems. It is a valuable tool for any individual to apply to themselves and I can show you how.